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Family Tradition

I manage the parts department at Petron L.L.C. and this morning I was talking with a vendor. He asked for my name and I told him it was Will Butterfield. He then asked if I was Ivan Butterfield’s grandson. I told him yes and he spent the next few minutes telling me what a great man my grandfather was and how much he admired him. These occurrences happen about once a week and they always bring about a sense of honor and deep respect for Grandpa. This morning I was remembering what life was like when he was around. Unfortunately, I have to rely mostly on stories I’ve been told, because he passed away when I was in the third grade. Nevertheless, every person that has shared their experiences with me have blessed me with stories of a man that was kind, caring, extremely hard working and took pride in a job well done. Grandpa passed these same values to his children and they have passed them to us. As a family and as a business we are kind, caring, hardworking and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right. I love this family and I love that we have been blessed by a tradition that will be a blessing to others. Thank you Grandpa!


3 Responses to “Family Tradition”

  • Butterfield Farm:

    There is no way that could have been said any better. Well done. Grandpa will always be missed but never forgotten, he has taught us to much.


  • Eddie:

    I never got the pleasure of meeting Grandpa Ivan but I have always heard the stories of what an amazing man he was. He would be so proud of all of you!


  • Jan:

    Dad always wanted a "place". By that he meant that he wanted a little piece of this earth for his family to always want to come home to. He's sitting in a rocker on a porch in heaven just smiling to beat the band right about now as he watches his family continue to build on that dream. Not a day passes that I don't think of him and say something like "you know, my dad used to say. . . ." and it's always a positive tidbit of wisdom. He left us a pretty special legacy and we, as his children, felt an obligation to try to pass that on. I see it in all my brothers and in all our children in one form or another but the common thread is integrity. Jan (Butterfield, of course)

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