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Healthier Beef. Healthier Families.

Butterfield Farms is a small, family owned and operated farm focusing on grass fed beef cattle production for the central Louisiana area.

Our cattle are raised right here, on Butterfield Farms pastures. They roam freely, live stress free lives, and are never brought to a feed lot. Butterfield Farms cattle are fed only our own grasses. We market our grass fed beef directly to the public using the community sustained agriculture (CSA) model.

We now sell pastured poultry! Click the links in the menu at left for more info!

Our vision is to provide the public with a healthy product they will enjoy, educational opportunities through “Ari-tourism” and to expose our customers and community to our “Family” way of life. We invite you to join us on the farm and learn more about Butterfield Farms.

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The CLA Bonus - Grass-fed beef a potent defense against cancer.

The CLA Bonus – Grass-fed beef a potent defense against cancer.

Check out some of the lastest research on CLA and the benefits of adding grass fed beef to your diet. The CLA Bonus

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